Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Get Dee at 8 a.m. by E-mail!

I posted quite a while back that my email feed was being discontinued because the app I was using to manage it was obsoleted. So, I had to find a way to enable people to still follow me via email. 

Last year, when I made the decision to retire, I set up my blog on Patreon in case I needed money. (For those of you not familiar with it, Patreon is a site you can use to monetarily support writers and artists. There are different tiers that you can choose to support with different benefits at each tier level.)

When I was set up Patreon, I realized that there was also a free level - if you choose to just "Follow" a creator (such as me), anything the creator posts for Public use is delivered to followers as email. 

To get my blog delivered to your email every day, here's what to do. (Note: If you already have a Patreon account, login to patreon and start at step 9): 
  1. Go to http://Patreon.com.
  2. Click the Get Started button.
  3. When prompted, click the Not a Creator? Click here instead link, shown here highlighted in red:

  4. When prompted, enter the required information (name, email, and create a password). 
  5. Click the Sign up button.
  6. When Patreon opens, at the top of the screen, click the Verify Email button.
  7. Go to your email, and open the email from Patreon. If you don't see the email, check your junk mail folder.
  8. Click the link in the email, which will take you back to Patreon.
  9. Back in Patreon, click the Find Creator button on the left hand side of the screen.
  10. Enter Deeat8am where it says to enter the creator, then click on my blog.

  11. When my blog comes up, scroll down a little till you see the Follow button, then click it.
  12. You will be presented with options to pay by tier. You do NOT have to pay. (But since I'm retired now and on a limited income, it would be cool if you choose to!)  The benefit to paying is that depending on the tier you choose, you will have access to other projects of mine including exclusive videos, other non-blog writing and art, sneak peaks at upcoming projects (the Ecuador book, the children's book I am working on),  and more!
Note that even though Patreon is mostly intended to make money, Dee at 8 a.m. (my basic daily blog) will always be free, no matter where you access it from. 

As always, thanks so much for supporting Dee at 8 a.m.

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