Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017

Location: Titusville, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

I'm a Black and Yellow Argiope,
My venom's not harmful to humans1
I might bite if you poke me, so just don't provoke me,
And I'll eat other bugs that can be a nuisance.

Footnote: (1) All spiders have venom, but in general, in Florida, only the Black Widow and Brown Widow have venom that is harmful to humans. Although there are many alleged bites from Brown Recluse spiders, in reality there are very few confirmed Brown Recluse spiders in Florida. They are always brought in via luggage, cars, packing crates and so forth and do not breed here.

Note though, that spider bites can be similar to bee stings in that some people can have allergic reactions.  People who are allergic to bee stings can die from just one sting, whereas in the general population, bees (and most spiders) are not harmful, and in fact are quite beneficial to humans.

(Disclaimer: Due to a minor hand issue I've not been able to use my camera so am posting some older pictures that I haven't included before on this blog.  I will resume my regular 8:00 am postings soon, but for now, please enjoy these blasts from the past.) 

Photo and text © 2017 Dee Fairbanks Simpson

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