Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 15, 2018

Location: Fellsmere, MY HAIR!

I am a Red-humped Caterpillar
Schizura concinna is my scientific name.
When I grow up, I will be a moth,
But for now, chowing leaves is the name of my game.

(Note: I actually found this in December, when I was putting up my holiday lights, but it took me a while to ID it. Special thanks to Jeffrey Eickwort on the Florida Entomology facebook page for the ID assistance. )

Sources: Pests in Gardens and Landscapes - Red-humped Caterpillar

Photo and text © 2018 Dee Fairbanks Simpson

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Heather Stapleton said...

bahahahaha! I was sifting through your blog and was reminded of this photo
"location!"...YOUR HAIR!