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Friday, November 8, 2019

November 8, 2019

Location: Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland

I am a Florida Red-bellied Cooter
Notice the red highlights on my shell
I can be found throughout most of Florida
And southeastern Georgia as well.

Sources: Animal Diversity Web: Pseudemys nelsoni - Florida Redbelly Turtle

Photo and text © 2018 Dee Fairbanks Simpson

Location: Lake Mirror, Lakeland

I am a Peninsular Cooter
Compare and contrast me with the Red-bellied
He has straight lines on the back of his head
Mine are more swirled, almost like an eddie.

Note: Another clue to Peninsular Cooter ID, as described in the link below, is location - they are not as widespread as the Red-bellied.

Sources: Animal Diversity Web - Pseudemys peninsularis - Peninsula Cooter

Photo and text © 2018 Dee Fairbanks Simpson

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