Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day, 2017

Location: My Kitchen

Slept in today, so at 8 A.M. I was making a healthy nutritious breakfast of an omelet and bacon for me and my honeybee.

This is the compost from breakfast (coffee grounds, egg shells, orange peels) all of which make for yummy plant food. Anything that was once alive can be composted. The coffee grounds and orange peels provide nitrogen, and the egg shells provide calcium1.

I don't actually have a garden, other than my pineapples, but I save all my green waste for my bestie who does have a compost pile. On my list of stuff to do this year is to either start a compost pile or make a compost barrel. I think my pineapples would like it, and they would probably spawn faster than they do now. My most recent pineapple took about 5 years, and there are no signs of any other spawn on my remaining plants.
Sources: (1) UF/IFAS Extension

Photo and text © 2017 Dee Fairbanks Simpson

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